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2023 Summer Community Wellness Retreat Recap!

by Natasha Rentas - Team Village Connect

Group picture of Inspire a Movement and Village Connect's 2023 Community Wellness Retreat participants, presenters and exhibitors!

We did it! Last month, Inspire a Movement and Village Connect teamed up again to host our fifth Community Wellness retreat for our Lake Nona and Moss Park Community! A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors, presenters, exhibitors, and of course our enthusiastic participants! Approximately 60 beautiful souls returned back to the community with stronger connections and tools to reduce stress, and 11 local businesses featured their wellness expertise, products & services for use as ongoing support to their community members. We're eternally grateful to all of you. We could not have done it without each and every one of you. Let's take a look at some of our favorite moments below!

Ana Maruri shared a special moment after her Sound Healing Workshop

A woman is picture lighting a candle for another woman in the spirit of community.

Rev. Ivan Gonzalez made us cry and learn to let go with the Lion King

Rev. Ivan sits on stage with a projection of the 'lion king' playing above him. Wellness  retreat participants lay on yoga mats and sit on floor pillows to listen and engage with his talk.

Kevin Merrigan shared his QiGong skills to the tune of the FSU Fight Song

A white male stands on stage, jumping up and down a crowd of wellness. Participants copy his movements on the floor below him. The room is filled with purple ambient lighting, and other Zen elements, such as candles and baskets

Chris lulled us into a state of tranquility during Violette Gibbs' Yoga Nidra


Once again, a warm thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, presenters, exhibiters, participants, and everyone who had a part in making this retreat a success! You all came together to establish a strong sense of community and serenity with each other. We hope that you take and apply the exercises and self-care techniques to your daily life, and you continue to treat your mind and body with love and care.

We hope to see you all at our next retreat: 2023 Fall Community Wellness Retreat on November 11, 2023 from 1:00-6:00pm at Spirit of Life Church in Moss Park.

Be sure to register by clicking here!

A group picture of all of the presenters from inspire of movement and Village Connect's 2023 Summer wellness retreat sit on stage and pose for a seated picture.

About Our Village Contributor

A young woman in a plaid flannel shirt is pictured from the shoulders up headshot style. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is smiling at the camera

Natasha Rentas

Team Village Connect- Marketing and Customer Care Specialist

Natasha Rentas is a writer, communicator, and multimodal content creator from Orlando, FL. She is currently finishing up her B.A. in writing and rhetoric at UCF, and she hopes to continue grad school under UCF's rhetoric and composition, M.A. program. She wants to research and work with science, public health, and crisis communications to connect and unite people through language. When she is not writing or studying, Tasha can be found taking photos or hanging out with her dog, Mucca.

Our 2023 Summer Community Wellness Retreat Contacts!

A buisness logo for my integrative healing. The logo features a tree of life with the name of the business written underground in the roots of the tree

​My Integrative Healing-

Ana Maruri

A business logo for Lake Nona performance club

​Lake Nona Performance Club-

Leanne Herrel

A business logo for inspire a movement using blue green and yellow colors

Inspire A Movement, Inc.-

Caesar & Sandra Cabral

A buisness logo for ruckus cycling studios ruckus is in bold, green letters with the R symbolizing a wheel of a bicycle

Rukus Cycling Studios-

Jim Kilp

A business logo for wellness, hydration, bar and spa, a pink and purple Lotus flower sits above the business name

Wellness Hydration Bar and Spa, LLC.-

Shavone Boston

A business logo for restorative health and wellness. The logo is blue and is complemented by a blue butterfly on the left hand side. The text is horizontal.

Restorative Health and Wellness, LLC.-

Tanishia Neal

A business logo for Duquezza boutique


Sandra Rodriguez

All content on our blog, including text, graphics, images, and any other material, is intended solely for informational purposes. Despite our passion for health, we're not doctors or dietitians, and we don't wear lab coats to work. Our advice isn't a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider with any questions or concerns you may have about your health.

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