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Conscious Nona Spotlight

by Cait Rainey, Conscious Nona

My name is Cait Rainey, and I am a local coach, holistic teacher, and Lake Nona resident. A year ago, I started a local community group called Conscious Nona, and my intention was to seek awareness-based solutions for modern-day problems to address the health crisis we are experiencing. We began with a few members and have grown to over 600 active participants.

Conscious Nona is now a regenerative community model that is fueled by collective participation to expand the concept of conscious, intentional living. Our Core Mission is to activate awareness to connect and create regenerative, conscious communities. We support community-driven events and initiatives and offer holistic education to empower conscious choice.

We host Community Dinners, Women's Circles, Sound Healing Ceremonies, Outdoor Retreats, Cold Plunges, Breathwork Workshops, Community Walks, Natural Movement Workshops, Toxin Awareness Presentations, Chemical Free Living Seminars, Family Park days, and so much more. We are forming a non-profit to build an evolutionary infrastructure for the future of communities. Our intention is to inspire proactive holistic living by creating a coherent blueprint to help fellow collectives rewire connections to themselves, others, and nature.

Our non-profit is a support system for personal and collective transformation. We can come together to see the future more clearly and create an intentional container for discussion, collaboration, and support. Check out Conscious Nona on social media (@consciousnona) and on their website,, for more information on upcoming events.

About Our Village Contributor

Headshot of Cait Rainey, a white woman with blonde hair, wearing a cream shirt with her hands in a prayer position. She is smiling at the camera.

Cait Rainey

Conscious Nona

Cait has been immersed in the world of holistic wellness for over 10 years and resonates as a dynamic teacher of the healing arts. Her background in Somatics, Qigong, Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Ceremony, Breathwork, Bio-individual Nutrition and Public Speaking has led her to walk a path as an Alchemist, deeply studying the process of human transformation. Last year she started a local Lake Nona collective called Conscious Nona, which has evolved into a Global Community Non-Profit Blueprint called CEOC- Conscious Evolution of Community. She hopes to be a resource of light for holistic wellbeing, and an ambassador for community empowerment.

Catch Cait at our Upcoming Wellness Retreat!

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